SCADAR™ equipment

SCADAR’s sensor and data analysis tools can be applied to any form of compressed air product or system, regardless of its size, brand or age.

Its comprehensive suite of compressed air auditing products, which have been developed by CMC – the global experts in compressed air control, performance and monitoring solutions – measure ALL critical elements of a compressed air asset, from standalone units to entire systems.

SCADAR™, where knowledge and power meet

The ability of SCADAR™ to quickly and efficiently determine voltage, current and power factor means that service providers can quickly and efficiently calculate productive power and unproductive power relating to their customers’ compressed air assets.

This knowledge, combined with SCADAR’s four other measurements including pressure, temperature, moisture and flow, enable service providers to establish a plant’s efficiency at the following levels:


Measuring the performance, health and efficiency of each and every air compressor asset


Measuring the performance, health and efficiency of the entire compressed air system and how individual assets are interacting with each other


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