Subscription Tiers is available as two tiers: ‘Auditor’ or ‘Consultant’. A 1st year ‘Consultant’ subscription is included with any equipment purchase that includes a Base Station and 3 or more Logger products.

Access to benefits under the Auditor tier is €295 a year. Those looking for more in-depth analysis and reporting as well as to access’s powerful modelling functionality should select the Consultant tier, which is €625 a year.

An ‘unlimited sync’ option, only available in conjunction with a Consultant subscription, is a €795 / year ‘add-on’.



  • ‘Create ‘Charts’ or ‘Graphs’ direct from carousel
  • 14 Pre-defined ‘Supply and Demand Side’ Charts
  • Daily ‘POWER IN/AIR OUT’ and ‘SYSTEM KPI’ Charts
  • 19 Pre-defined Graphing options
  • Custom Graph creator using ‘breadcrumb’ tools
  • Click & drag ‘one touch’ Chart or Graph zooming
  • Zoom applied to ‘ALL’ active Charts or Graphs
  • Precision Chart or Graph date and time control
  • ‘In-Graph’ Click and drag zooming
  • Chart or Graph zoom ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ buttons
  • ‘Save’ or ‘Download’ Chart or Graph as .PNG image
  • 5 Graph plotting options
  • ‘Toggle’ Graph content on/off from legend
  • ‘In-Graph’ pop-up data tips
  • ‘Supply Side’ calculated flow Simulator
  • ‘Demand Side’ calculated flow Simulator
  • ‘Annual or ‘Time span’ benefit modelling
  • ‘System Control’ benefit modelling
  • ‘Pressure reduction’ benefit modelling
  • Simulation ‘modelling outcome’ PDF creator
  • Publish Wizard access to ‘BLANK CANVAS’
  • Full screen ‘toggle’ button viewer
  • Half year audit configuration archiving
  • Half year audit data archiving
  • 10 new audits per month quota
  • Support via Portal and dedicated ticket system


  • All AUDITOR Features
  • Define and save ‘Chart or ‘Graph style sheets
  • Perform multiple and concurrent System Control payback models
  • Model the benefits of applying flow control to the system
  • New equipment payback modelling tools (including VSD assets)
  • Model ‘collection’ saving
  • Customise modelling reports with Company logo
  • Access to audit report templates
  • Create, store and retrieve personalised report templates
  • Instantly associate report templates with audits
  • Upload images for embedding in audit reports
  • Upload and append documents to reports (e.g. brochure PDF’s)
  • Export raw data
  • Raw data formatting and filtering tools
  • Manage export data resolution down to 1 second
  • •Collaborate with others on the community
  • ‘In community’ sharing of audit data
  • ‘In community’ sharing equipment data
  • Share modelling and audit reports
  • Manage the view and edit access rights of sharers
  • 3 year audit configuration retrieval
  • 3 year audit data retrieval
  • 10 new audit per month quota
  • Support via Portal and dedicated ticket system
Unlimited Sync


  • All AUDITOR Features
  • All CONSULTANT Features
  • Unlimited new audits per month

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